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Where creative meets technology

Anthony Basker

A problem-solver, crafting digital-first engagement experiences for innovators, growth-stage companies and enterprises

I'm passionate about using

Technology to drive change

I have two core beliefs - “the power of creativity” and “the magic of technology.” Properly harnessed and deployed, they provide the potential to change both culture and commerce. Together, they help me deliver user experiences that drive at the heart of business. I assist my clients in transforming their businesses in one of three ways

Innovating Business Models

I start by interrogating existing business models to determine the opportunities for technology to drive a fundamental change in how companies operate and deliver value in a customer-centric fashion

Innovating Processes

All businesses need to digitally transform their processes to protect their bottom line. I interrogate business to identify legacy systems and then introduce cutting edge technologies to eliminate inefficiencies, bottlenecks and pain points.

Innovating Products

Products need to match customer requirements. The role of technology is to deliver ways to add value. By interrogating customer needs, habits, and behaviours, and incorporating them into every stage of the development process, I help ensure products are fit for purpose.


Research and evaluation need to drive the customer experience. Any product’s digital roadmap, and the right technical definition, are essential to facilitate development.


From pixel-perfect design to agile development, you need to deliver the customer high-performance web or mobile applications to genuinely transform your business.

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Digitisation of business processes is driving significant change in the workplace and transforming the way organisations work and interact with their customers, suppliers and employees.

Connected Devices

The business focus has to be on connecting brands and consumers in new digital eco-systems through smart devices and the internet of things.

Experience Design

Success is facilitated by creating structural, visual, and content frameworks through platform taxonomies, personas, user journeys, wireframes and clickable prototypes.

AI and Chatbots

Every significant business should extend the digital experience through artificial intelligence, chatbots and automation strategies that augment online interactions with their users.

Not a lot people know that

A life in digital

It began in 1981 when I got my hands on a ZX81 at the age of 10 and learned how to program it. This geek was hooked and has been an avid user of technology ever since.

After an early career as a developer and network administrator I realised that I needed to mix creative design and technology together to create exemplary and meaningful user experiences.

I joined as the founding digital partner to the marketing agency Flipside which we grew to an eventual sale to Interpublic Group in 2016. During the following five years we grew the agency by over 700% and delivered digital experiences to organisations all over the globe.

Since exiting Flipside I have founded or joined a number of new and exciting start ups as I look to partly continue my journey client side and implement the practices that I have been doing for others all my life but this time for me.

I am also open to non-executive positions to help the next generation of founders realise their dreams

But Underneath it all i'm

A problem solver at heart

I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with technology.  I create, scale and optimise solutions that matter.  To accomplish this I focus on key results, build amazing tech and quickly adapt to new insights.

Years in Transformation
of problems solved
of client relationships
strong track record
what am in doing now

A board-level executive at three new startups

I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with technology. I create, scale and optimise solutions that matter. Today I can be found these companies where I am either a founder or an non-executive officer.


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Sometimes a little praise can go a long way

Creating experiences for some big brands

People I have solved problems for

From bold start-ups to big names, I am proud of my clients’ success's and passionate about helping them accelerate their growth through digital.

Lets start a conversation

As an award-winning technologist and innovator, I am consistently challenging myself for the betterment.

Want to chat with me about I can help with your digital strategy and product development. I'm also happy to speak with you if you need help reviewing your present strategy or streamlining your company operations.

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